Most people lose a lot of gear. At TruRugged we’ve built a lanyard making kit so you’ll never lose your expensive gear again.


Make custom lanyards with the TruRugged kit and never worry about losing your expensive gear again.

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With 50' feet of cord you can make countless lanyards to save money, time and frustration. You won’t worry about tangled cords because each one will be the perfect length for your needs! What would it cost to buy lanyards for all your gear? With our easy to follow instructions, you’ll be making military quality lanyards yourself in no time!

Be organized and have peace of mind with TruRugged!


At TruRugged we know you want to be prepared. Whether on the job site or in the field, you need the right gear at the right time.

You might think it’s too much of a pain to make lanyards yourself. But with our easy to follow instructions you’ll be having fun with your new hobby and feeling secure knowing you’ll never lose expensive gear again!

Attach Your Flashlight to Anything

Our shock cord will stretch to over double it’s original length!